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Nextremity Solutions Presents Re+Line Bunion Correction System Early Results

Warsaw, IN, January 28, 2014 – Early results of the limited commercial release of the Re+Line Bunion Correction System were presented during the New York Podiatric Clinical Conference (NYSPMA) held in New York on January 24-26.

Lon S. Weiner, M.D., Chief of Orthopaedic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, presented early clinical results of several of his patients.  Dr. Weiner commented, “ The preliminary results with Re+Line are very encouraging.  By achieving superior stability, we have observed faster healing, earlier weight bearing and less post-operative pain than with other techniques and implants”.  We look forward to further tracking of these positive early patient outcomes”.

The new Re+Line system has obtained FDA clearance and CE mark certification is pending.  Re+Line complements the company’s flagship product, the Nextra Hammertoe Correction System. Nextremity Solutions estimates that over 400,000 bunion surgeries were performed in the US in 2013 and that 30-40% of bunion operations are performed together with hammertoe surgery.

Leerink Swann, a leading investment bank, estimates the US bunion surgery market is valued at $240 million.  The bunion segment is fragmented with over 130 different techniques reported in the literature.  The Re+Line system is designed to provide surgeons with a convenient, single-use kit which combines the Re+Line Bunion Correction Plate with the necessary instruments for a precise bunionectomy with stable fixation and uniform compression.

Nextra Hammertoe Correction System Optimal for Cosmetic Insertion Technique

Warsaw, IN, January 27, 2014 – An innovative surgical technique to avoid scarring associated with dorsal incisions for hammertoe deformity correction surgery was presented during the New York Podiatric Clinical Conference (NYSPMA), held in New York on January 24-26.  The technique capitalized on the Nextra Hammertoe Implant’s unique adjustable / reversible features embodied in its proprietary RevLock technology.

Dr. Yolanda Ragland, a Podiatric Reconstructive Surgeon who practices in both New York City and Silver Spring, Maryland presented the Inter-Digital Approach with the Nextra implant.  Dr. Ragland is highly regarded for her philosophy of …“providing medically necessary surgery with a cosmetic result.”

Regarding the inter-digital technique, Dr. Ragland commented, “The adjustable 2-piece design of the Nextra Hammertoe Implant allows control and flexibility in adapting to the patient’s anatomy so that placement can be made from the side of the toe to conceal the suture lines post operatively.  These design features make the implant a great fit with my hidden scar technique”.

Dr. Selene G. Parekh and Nextremity Solutions, Inc. See “New Vision” for Foot and Ankle Surgery with Google Glass

Dr. Selene G. Parekh seen during surgery while wearing Google Glass

Dr. Selene G. Parekh seen during surgery while wearing Google Glass

Recently, orthopedic surgeon Selene G. Parekh experimented with the use of Google Glass during a successful foot and ankle surgery in Jaipr, India. Google Glass, a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, was developed by Google and has been utilized on an exclusive basis through Google’s Explorer program.

Parekh supervised this surgery while wearing the technology. By doing this, he was able to broadcast live streaming video via the Internet. This technology allows for a hands-free method of recording video without the obtrusion of a video crew and the increased chance of infection from having too many individuals in the operating room. Additionally, it allows the viewers to see exactly what the doctor is seeing and provides a different view of the surgery than was capable in the past.

“This technology opens up a whole new world for surgery. Not only are we able to obtain a different view of the surgery, we are also able to communicate live with fellow surgeons at the same time. Simply amazing technology.” – Dr. Selene G. Parekh

Nextremity Solutions, an orthopedic company that specializes in forefoot surgery, has also recently obtained their own Google Glass and will be experimenting with its uses as well. In addition, Nextremity will work closely with Parekh to ensure that this technology is used in a way that will most benefit surgeons.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Dr. Parekh on this project. We plan on using this technology in our surgeon training efforts, cadaver labs and more. This technology will allow us to continue advancing the development of our best-in-class products and procedures.” – Rod K. Mayer, President and CEO of Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

Google Glass technology is still in its infancy and software for the wearable computer is still in development. Nextremity Solutions sees the potential for use of Google Glass and will continue to partner with Parekh to develop new and innovative ways to use the technology in forefoot surgery.

Google Glass image courtesy of Google

Google Glass image courtesy of Google