InCore® Lapidus System

InCore® Lapidus System

The InCore Lapidus System is a three-part construct intended for internal fixation for First Metatarsocuneiform arthrodesis (also known as Lapidus or First Tarsometatarsal Fusion).

  • Tri-Planar Correction
    • Targeting Guide is intended to aid and stabilize angular/rotational correction in all three planes (transverse, sagittal and frontal plane)
  • Fully Guided
    • Post and Targeting Guide utilize anatomical land marks to facilitate fixation placement
    • Angular correction of the metatarsal facilitated and maintained by the targeting guide
  • Solid Intramedullary Construct
    • Solid 5.9mm Titanium Post provides large surface area engagement in the cancellous bone of the medial cuneiform
    • Headless compression screws thread directly into the 5.9mm post
    • Post and screws construct may reduce hardware prominence and resultant hardware removal due to pain or irritation related to such hardware prominence Hardware removal due to pain and irritation is reported in up to 17% of first tarsometatarsal arthrodesis cases when using plating constructs1,2
  • Joint Preparation
    • Targeting Guide provides distraction of the joint for visualization and joint preparation
    • Distraction allows space for curettage and microfracture
  • Controlled Compression
    • Targeting Guide includes built-in Compression-Distraction Fixture providing compression parallel to the long axis of the first metatarsal
  • Features
    • 5.9mm x 28mm Titanium Post
    • 3.5mm Diameter Headless Compression Screws offered from 24 to 60mm in length
    • Robust T10 Hexalobe Drive

This product is distributed by Zimmer, Inc.

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InCore® Lapidus System

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