November 8TH, 2016    By: GENE OSTROVSKY

On a recent regional tour of Northeast Indiana’s medtech industry, we stopped off at Nextremity Solutions, a company headquartered in Warsaw, IN, a town known at The Orthopedic Capital. Founded in 2008 by a couple surgeons from Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City, Nextremity has been dedicated from the beginning to introducing innovative new products for foot and ankle care.

This product focus was motivated by the fact that large ortho firms have been channeling the majority of their resources into hip and knee devices. Simpler, cheaper products that address the needs of a more limited population have been overlooked and left to smaller firms to develop. The two surgeons that founded the firm saw the discrepancy in progress of hip and knees products compared to foot and ankle devices, and realized an opportunity to be the ones to close the gap.