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The Arcus Staple System is a unique staple system utilizing an arc design that creates greater proximal-to-distal compression than tested conventional and nitinol staples:*

  • Proven to retain compression after 600 cycles*
  • Internal barbs function to help create compression and to
    resist migration**
  • Single-pack sterile instrumentation kit
    • Staple pre-loaded on inserter for ease of use
  • Optional stacking capability for added compression and stability

*A Mechanical Evaluation of the Interfragmentary Compressive Forces of the Arcus Staple System, Lisa A. Ferra, Ph.D., Orthokinetic Technologies and Orthokinetic Testing Technologies, Southport, NC (Funded by Nextremity) Mechanical testing is not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.
**Reference: ASTM F564-10 “Standard Specification and Test Methods for Metallic Bone Staples”.

This product is distributed by Zimmer, Inc.


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