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Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System

The Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System is a fully reversible and adjustable two-piece hammertoe implant. The innovative design provides bone-to-bone apposition and stability. The benefits of this surgical fixation option are:

  • Fully adjustable in-situ.
  • Completely reversible with the use of included instrumentation.
  • Clinically proven to be superior to K-Wires*
  • Natural 10-degree angulation

* Prospective Randomized Multicenter Comparative Effectiveness Study Comparing; Two Component Modular Digital Implant Versus K-Wire Fixation For Surgical Correction of Hammertoes. Richard M. Jay, DPM, FACFAS; Adam Landsman, DPM, PhD; James P. Huish, DPM; Charles M. Zelen, DPM, FACFAS; Philip Garrett, DPM; Michael Trepal, DPM; Matthew Hopsen, DPM FACFAS; Adam M. Lang, DPM, AACFAS; D. Scot Malay, DPM, MSCE, FACFAS; (Funded by Nextremity)

This product is distributed by Zimmer, Inc.

Click here for our Level 1 Comparative Study: “Nextra® vs. K-Wires”


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