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Stratum® Foot Plating System

A Symphony for Foot and Ankle Repair®

Stratum Foot Plating System is the next generation of anatomic locking plates that address osteotomies, fractures, mal-unions, non-unions, and fusions in the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot. The fully sterile Stratum Foot Plating System includes innovative technology. The system has 11 distinctive plate options (49 plates) along with 6 screw families (2.7, 3.5 & 4.0 mm), ready to go in sterile procedure kits, which add value by addressing the productivity needs of the surgical team.

This product is distributed by Zimmer, Inc.


  • Tines technology designed to resist plate shifting
  • No provisional K-wires required to hold the plate in position once tines are inserted
  • In-situ customization using plate benders for plate-to-bone contouring


  • External compression ramp is pre-assembled on plate
  • Compression ramp helps the surgeon to dial in up to 3.5 mm of linear compression based on tactile response
  • Bi-cortical fixation with a threaded wire before the start of compression

Fully Sterile

  • Fully sterile implant and instrument system
  • Instrumentation has never been used, damaged, or worn prior to surgery
  • Time and cost savings of sterilization prior to case
  • Efficient system is easy to use and mitigates complexity for surgical team


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