Warsaw, IN, May 27, 2014 – Nextremity Solutions® announces the FDA clearance and CE Mark certification of its latest proprietary forefoot surgery system, the MSP™ Metatarsal Shortening Plate and System. The MSP™ system is positioned for metatarsal shortening osteotomies to correct toe angulation / dislocation and relieve pressure.  It provides the company with a product candidate in another key segment of forefoot surgery.  The company will prepare for a limited product release in the coming weeks.

Lon S. Weiner, MD, Chief of Orthopedic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, explained “The MSP™ plate is designed to provide a greater level of precision and repeatability because the osteotomy guide and metatarsal reduction / control have been engineered into the implant.  We enthusiastically await the clinical experience of our surgeon colleagues.”

Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, MPH, Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Foot and Ankle Division, University of Rochester commented, “Based on my cadaver lab experience with MSP™, I believe that the plate’s control of metatarsal segments will provide for a more stable and precise fixation.  It has the makings of a game changer product.”

Rod K. Mayer, President and CEO of Nextremity Solutions®, remarked “We are very pleased to obtain key regulatory approvals for MSP™ so soon after last month’s Re+Line™ launch.  Initial surgeon feedback on MSP™ is that we have achieved an important innovation for forefoot surgery.  This is encouraging as we expand our product portfolio”

About Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

Nextremity Solutions® is a privately held medical device company offering novel solutions and approaches to forefoot surgical intervention. The Company’s procedure ready, sterile implant systems for the correction of forefoot pathologies include uniquely precise, proprietary technology designed to achieve repeatable and superior clinical outcomes.

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