Nextremity Solutions, LLC recently announced the close of $2.5 million in funding for its innovative line of foot and ankle implants and surgical instruments. The funding is an important step towards the expansion of operations for the Nextremity Solutions’ initial product release, the NEXTRA™ Hammertoe Correction System. Nextremity Solutions co-founder, Dr. Lon Weiner, MD noted that, “An estimated 533,000 hammertoe correction surgeries will be performed this year in the US. Despite this, millions of additional patients are undiagnosed and untreated. The NEXTRA Hammertoe Correction System represents a significant surgical advance for lesser toe deformities.” A recent independent market analysis estimates that the hammertoe implant market will grow at 17% as more patients become aware of effective alternatives to living with the pain and lack of mobility related to hammertoes. The growth in implants will continue as surgeons and patients avoid procedures which utilize K-wires that protrude through the toes during healing. Arthur Alfaro, President & CEO, explained that, “This initial funding will allow Nextremity Solutions to take the next steps to introduce the NEXTRA Hammertoe Correction System into the market, as well as proceed with our plans to complete the development of equally innovative products in our portfolio.” About Nextremity Solutions, LLC Nextremity Solutions is a privately held medical-device company offering a novel approach to the surgical correction of small bone deformity, degeneration and trauma, founded by surgeons who are committed to the development of medical implants that will provide repeatable and superior patient outcomes. Nextra™ Hammertoe Correction System and Nextra™ Hammertoe Correction Implant are trademarks of Nextremity Solutions, LLC. For further information, visit or call 574-635-3023.