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Axi+Line® Proximal Bunion Correction System

The Axi+Line Proximal Bunion Correction System addresses treatment of deformities of larger angles and addresses correction in the frontal plane.

  • Corrects both IM angle and frontal plane deformity
  • The long oblique Proximal Modified Mau osteotomy
  • Instrumentation provides full control of all bone fragments during the procedure and allows for a seamless transition from templating to plating

This product is distributed by Nextremity Solutions, Inc.


Corrects both IM angle and frontal plane deformity.
  • 87.3% of patients with hallux valgus have abnormal frontal plane rotation (pronation) of the 1st metatarsal1
  • Other proximal/midshaft osteotomies, such as the Scarf do not address the frontal plane deformity, which has been shown to result in a recurrence rate of 78 percent2


The long oblique Proximal Modified Mau osteotomy.
  • Provides intrinsic stability that may allow (at surgeon’s discretion) for early weight bearing3,4,5
  • Maximizes fusion surface area and provides the ability to correct moderate to large angular deformities4,6
  • Avoids violating a healthy metatarsal-cuneiform joint compared to a Lapidus procedure
  • Minimizes the probability of shortening compared to performing sawcut Lapidus procedure without use of the interposition autograft6,7


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