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PiroVue® Gastrocnemius Recession System

The PiroVue® Gastrocnemius Recession System assists with an intra-muscular technique for the treatment of equinus contracture:

Equinus deformity has been associated with over 96% of biomechanically related foot and ankle pathologies.1

Gastrocnemius Aponeurosis Intra-Muscular Recession

  • Medial Mini-Open Incision (2.5cm – 3cm)
  • Displayed less muscle atrophy and weakness when compared to Strayer procedure2,3
  • Reliable and repeatable dorsiflexion improvement2
  • Proximal intramuscular approach avoids the sural nerve3

Controlled and Guided Release

This product is distributed by Zimmer, Inc.

Visualization of an Open Procedure

    • Improved visualization compared to endoscopic


      • Recession can be done on both gastrocnemius and soleus muscles (pictured) as identified by Silfverskiold test2

      Convenience of Sterile Pack Kit

        • No endoscopic equipment required
        • No ancillary draping time or associated costs


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